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Discover How to Connect with Top Notch Decision Makers and Turn Them into High Paying Clients using LinkedIn
Learn the Entire System
Solution #1: How To Get Hundreds of Top Notch Leads Monthly WITHOUT Ad Spend
Are you interested in attracting quality leads consistently, and want to know where to find them and how to get their attention?
Solution #2: How To Build Authority Status and Standout in your Target Market
Imagine people you'd like to do business with not only seeing you as a top expert, but seeking you out without having to keep up with all the latest online marketing gimmicks.
Solution #3: How to Turn Connections into High End Clients
Tried cold lead lists, random social media posts, cold calling or fruitless networking and want something better? LinkedIn is an untapped Goldmine. Learn how to leverage it to add 4 and 5-figure clients each month.
Here's Exactly What You Can Master Inside
Video Training #1: How to Create a "Gateway Offer" and Get Your First YES.
Create a crucial initial offer engineered to help your new top notch connections see your value and easily say "yes". By giving them a valuable, intriguing taste of what you're capable of delivering, with no risk on their part, it's an easy YES that opens the door to getting a high end client.
Video Training #2: How to Identify Your Hottest Target Markets
This video lesson will help you figure out who you should be connecting with on LinkedIn to get the best quality clients. This can stump even the smartest experts! You'll learn how to zero in on all the criteria that will yield the richest connections and build you a golden list of hot leads.
Video Training #3: How to Optimize Your Profile So You Stand Out
Most profiles read like....well to be honest....boring online resumes. Yawn.
Let's transform your's into a real "love letter" to your potential clients that gets them to stop what they're doing, and read what you have to say. You'll learn the secret to creating a profile people notice.
Video Training #4: The 300 Leads A Month Messaging Campaign- Part 1 
Create your messaging campaign to attract high quality connections and begin a conversation with them. I'll give you the exact message templates we use to get the maximum number of connections.
Video Training #5:  The 300 Leads A Month Messaging Campaign- Part 2 
How to Fill Your Calendar with Appointments. Master the method we use to connect with the key decision makers we want to speak with. This includes the exact email sequence to use and the phone scripts. Plus learn a little known way to get an email open rate as high as 80%!
Video Training #6:  How to Build Your Superstar Status Engine to Attract Ideal Prospects, Partners, Speaking Opportunities, and Media Coverage
When and what content to post to build your expert status, get noticed by hundreds of people in your niche, increase profile views,  receive referrals and get more appointments.
Video Training #7:  Get Maximum Results with This Super Efficient Follow Up and Scheduling System
How to organize your time daily to get the most top notch connections, leads and clients from LinkedIn. When and how often to do each task, and how to organize your campaign for maximum results
Video Training #8:  How to Create an Irresistible Experience for New Connections that Increases Conversions and Outcomes.
How to create a "win" experience for key new connections that will get them excited about hiring your company. Increase your sales conversions and get to YES faster.
There's More.....
Get Personal Help and Support!
Get Instant Access to our Private Facebook Group.
Interact and network with other professionals going through the program.
Get PERSONAL HELP. I visit the group to answer questions. 
Its SO MUCH EASIER to make this work when you have professional feedback!
That's like getting PRIVATE COACHING!
  • Message Templates: The exact templates we use to get the most new targeted connections - Value $97
  • E-mail Templates: The emails we use to get more new connections to start a conversation with you - Value $297
  • Phone Script Template: Exactly what to say on the phone to get past the gatekeeper and get people to schedule a discover call.- Value $197
  • Personal Support - Priceless.... I want to see you succeed!
  • Every Video includes Downloadable Slides and Notes

Your Results
  •  A wealth of targeted connections with top decision makers in your niche. This is Golden Business Asset
  •  A downloaded data base of these connections. This is a Platinum List of potential clients. No more buying cold lists!
  •  A revised profile that "speaks" to your market and attracts them to you
  •  Increased visibility to position you as an authority or thought leader in your market
  •  A system for filling your calendar with appointments with potential clients
What Some of Our Clients Say...
"Wow! Janis. I'm amazed by the difference the changes you've recommended for our profiles are making overnight! I've never even considered myself for high paying jobs like these with big companies: full time positions as Project Manager, even Product Manager! The first one even said outright that they're looking for maverick iconoclasts (although not in those words) so it does pay to be unique ."

- Marilla Wholenewtake

"I've learned a ton from you Janis Pettit - my LinkedIn connections are now much more targeted, quality and spot on.

As a result of a more focused approach, I've secured podcast interviews for myself and several of my clients, a nice speaking engagement, and connected with major influencers. You rock Janis."
$297. This Month Only!
Regularly $497
Our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

I'm so convinced this training will make a difference in your business, that I'll actually refund your tuition within 7 days of your purchase if for some reason you find it's not for you. Experience the training at no risk.
Have Questions? Please email us directly at, or message me (Janis Pettit) on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How many connections can I add per month?
A: We find that about 30% of invitations result in a connection using our templates. This may vary depending on your market.

Q: Can I download a list of my connections. 
Yes you can! And if you have subscription to Sales Navigator, you have many more features and search criteria available.

Q: How long does it take to go through the training?
A: We suggest one lesson per week with implementation. But you can go as fast as you want.

See you in our Secret Group!

Janis Pettit

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